Scentsy Online Party Going On!!

27 Sep

If you haven’t heard our adoption story “in a nutshell” here is what I wrote for our HELP BRING VIENNA HOME Online Scentsy Party that my friend Judy is hosting.

 “Several years ago we saw a little boy’s picture and a few sentences about him on a website. Our family started praying for this little boy every day. We started raising money and giving it to the website so that when a family came along for him they wouldn’t have to come up with as much money to adopt him. Well, after praying for him for about a year we decided that WE were his family! About 9 months after starting our adoption we went to Ukraine and JOSEPH IGOR PATTERSON became our son! (Wow, that’s the “easy” version!!)

Fast forward to this past winter/spring. Joseph and I were in Philadelphia getting more medical work done and Darrel was home with all the older kids. Darrel called me one day and said that he really felt like the Lord was wanting us to adopt again. And, I told him I had been feeling the same way, and had been looking at kids on that same website we found Joseph!

We specifically began praying that God would let us adopt a little girl who had arthrogryposis. (That is the same condition that Joseph has.) We waited and prayed. At the end of March we saw a little article about a baby girl named VIENNA. It was heartbreaking. She was found abandoned on the side of a road in a South American country. Totally by herself in a black plastic bag. She was then brought to an orphanage. As soon as we read about her we hoped that she was meant to be part of our family! We asked all the right people, and her country, and have been OKed to begin adopting her!!!

The faster we can raise the money for her to come home the faster we can finish everything and go get her! I appreciate Judy and her great big heart! And I appreciate everyone who is praying for Vienna and helping us bring her home.”

Scentsy Party

If you like good smelling stuff please check out the Scentsy Party!

To Be Loved

21 Sep

 Is it possible to miss someone you haven’t actually met yet?

Vienna looking up


Is it possible to begin to love and have those protective “mama bear” feelings for a little one that you haven’t had the chance to hold or take care of yet?

Vienna full shot outside


These feelings bring back memories of wondering and worrying

(then remembering to pray)

for Joseph when he was still in Ukraine.


There was so much uncertainty.

At one point we were even told that he may actually be in Russ*a.  That would have meant that we couldn’t continue his adoption.  United States citizens had recently been banned from adopting from there!   We had one little picture of him and a two or three sentence profile about him.

We prayed for someone to get him out of his bed,

for someone to feed him

(we didn’t know if his arms bent enough for him to be able to reach his mouth),

for someone to talk to him–human interaction,

for protection from the hurt and awfulness that so often goes on in orphanages.

We mostly prayed for his little heart.  That God would protect his heart from all of the damaging effects of the life he was forced to live.  That God would send someone to share HIS LOVE with Joseph.

And HE DID!!  God did all of these things.  And so much more!

God is healing Joseph’s wounds from the harshness and neglect.

Joseph is learning to genuinely love and care about others.

J and Mariel

It is such a joy to hear Joseph pray for some of these very same things for Vienna.  He gets it.  He KNOWS what it was like.  He remembers and has shared some of those memories with us.  It is heartbreaking to think of ANY child being literally ALONE in the world.  To not have people who think they’re extra special.  To be loved.

We’re coming Little One, as fast as we can.


Despite my missing thermometer (I just spent a few hours trying to update it but it has come up missing!…. Agh!  I will have to try again later!)   we are steadily raising money for Vienna’s adoption.  We had a garage sale 2 weekends ago and an online auction.   I’m happy to say that we are $570+ closer to seeing our precious girl.  We are currently in the middle of another COOKIE DOUGH SALE!!!  –This time in Southeast Texas!  If you are local and want to buy or sell any please let us know!!  We are also close to having a t-shirt sale!  I can’t wait to show you what they look like!! (Stay tuned!)  We have some more things in the works that we will share soon.   We are in need of about $9,800 in the next month or so.  Yikes.  Thankfully we have an awesome God who LOVES orphans and wants to see them have FAMILIES.

We are working as diligently as we can and praying for God to provide.


3 Sep SAM_0674

School started!

(Yes, despite the protests, it happened again this year!)

Joseph's first year to be on his feet for a school picture!

Joseph’s first year to be on his feet for a school picture!

Everyone’s settling into their classes.  Homework and earlier bedtimes are happening.  Running around and figuring out who needs which car, and when, is happening.  And, thankfully, smooth transitions for the kids are happening.

It’s time for me to transition too.  :)   Time to get even busier with raising money to get this adorable baby girl home!!!

Vienna full shot outside

One thing I’ve been working on is:

We have a Facebook Sale going on right now!!!

Please go and browse, then share it with your friends!

We are continuing to add to it, so if you’ve looked before you might want to check it out again.  :)  Thank you to the friends who donated to this!!

Also, we are gearing up for a


September 12

8:00 – 4:00


We have a LOT of good stuff that we’ve come across and that friends have donated for this sale!  Please pray that it would go exactly as God would like!!  (That’s safe to say, huh?!!  I typed and deleted several things I would like you to pray about concerning the garage sale–but God knows what needs to happen!!!)

Throw back picture from 2012 when we were holding a garage sale for Joseph!!!  ("Igor" back then!)

Throw back picture from 2012 when we were holding a garage sale for Joseph!!! (“Igor” back then!)

We are also getting ready to make more cookie dough.  If you are in the S.E. Texas area or Bolivar Peninsula area and would be willing to take orders (and then make sure your orders get delivered after we make it) please let me know!  I have a flyer/sign up sheet that will make it a snap.  :)  This has the potential to be a great way to make a bunch of dough for Vienna!  I’m excited to see what happens!

Another throw back picture of when we were adopting Joseph!

Another throw back picture of when we were adopting Joseph!

A dear family friend, who is also an author, has given us 15 copies of her book, “Dusting For God’s Fingerprints”.

book 1

 It is a one month Bible study focusing on God’s character and our sacrifice of praise to Him.  When I thanked her for donating the books her response was, “My prayer is it will bless others and help with this amazing journey of bringing your precious girl into your arms!”

And that is one thing I am getting super excited about….getting our precious girl into our arms!!

Pennies Add Up

19 Aug

Did you notice the thermometer on the side of our blog?

It’s new.  :)

We were advised to put one on there, and at first I really didn’t want to.

But, it is an encouragement to me to see how the Lord has provided each step of the way.

I am so thankful for His provision.

Yesterday Joseph found two pennies at the store.  He said, “Aww Mom!  Should I just throw them?  It’s ONLY 2 cents.”   Of course, being the penny pincher that I am, I told him that if we all add our pennies together that it can add up to big things!!  We talked about saving and sharing what we have, even if it’s not much.   Joseph decided he’d keep the pennies and put them in Vienna’s jar.  :)

Sweet boy.

But it doesn’t end there.

Last night we came home from the store.   Darrel had already come home from work and of course I hadn’t told him about the two pennies.  It didn’t seem very noteworthy.  When we walked in the kitchen Darrel had a grin on his face and a heavy bag of CHANGE !  A lady he works with gave us her loose change—over $80!!

Isn’t God just awesome?!!  He cares about the little things.

Like a little boy’s heart and mind.

Teaching him more about real life ways God provides and loves him…and others.

Giving us the opportunity to teach our son about God’s awesome love and care.

He allowed Darrel’s coworker to be a much bigger part of our adoption journey than she can imagine.

He used this to encourage my tired heart and motivate me to get busy.  Just remembering how much God cares about the details of our lives makes me so happy!!  What a wonderful God we serve.

Adoption-wise things are moving along!

We are about halfway through the paperwork that we need to send to Vienna’s country.

We have appointments lined up to do our psychologist visits.  This is a requirement for our whole family.

 At the end of July we had to “readopt” Joseph in the state of Texas.   (I talked about this in my last post.)  We need to send an ORIGINAL birth certificate of Joseph’s (and all our kids) to Vienna’s country…but we cannot get another one from Ukraine, so this was the only solution.  So, $1325 and 10 hours of driving later he is now TWICE our son.  :)

I am working on setting up an online auction, and also sorting stuff for a big garage sale, which we’ll do after we get the kids settled into school.  (They start next week.  Joseph and Meredith will both being moving to different schools and Abbie starts college here in town.  Ellie and Andrew’s schools stay the same as last year.)

A kind Reece’s Rainbow friend is holding an online “party” selling cute kids clothes.  She has offered to give Vienna her commission!  Her company is called Peekaboo Beans.  Please go check them out!  I am so grateful for her generosity.  I pray that the Lord blesses her big for her giving heart.

I love seeing God’s hand in the entire adoption process.  How He works.  How he uses others to encourage and help us, even when we feel unworthy.  Sometimes I get stressed and get my eyes off of Him, but He is faithful to bring me back to His kindness.

As we sat at the dining room table last night sorting change we came to this conclusion:

Pennies Add Up!!


20 Jul

We had our first big fundraiser for Vienna at the beginning of July!

We combined visiting our family and friends in Indiana with making and selling COOKIE DOUGH!  Thank you so much to everyone that bought, sold and made cookie dough!!  Thank you too for the extra donations!

We made $1335 !!

We are in awe at God’s working!  We are so thankful.  It was a little more time consuming than we expected, but I kept telling myself, “This is still easier than a garage sale!  This is still easier than a garage sale!”  haha!  (I have a garage that is filling up with garage sale stuff…and I’m thrilled!  When I do the garage sale I’ll just have to tell myself, “This is less sticky than cookie dough!”)

We had so much fun in Indiana that I failed to take many pictures.  I still have a dinosaur phone, so taking pictures actually requires carrying a camera and using it.  :)  Here are a few that I did manage to take!

Swimming at Uncle Wil's pool

Joseph had a great time playing with his cousins and swimming.  When we came back to Texas and he swam with his physical therapist, he was able to show his therapist some of his new tricks.  (AND, in therapy he decided to take off his arm floaties and swim on his own!!!)  Last year, when his legs were still bent he had such a hard time in the water, although he loved it.  This year, because he is now in a different position, he is able to put his legs out behind and float without tipping backward or forward!

Joseph spent a large part of his time playing Nerf guns with his cousins.  It was fun to watch him get to know his cousins better.  He fit right in.  :)  Wish I’d taken pictures of the hours that they spent in my Mom’s yard playing!

J, A and E 6 Flags

A bunch of our family went to Six Flags in Chicago one day.  Everyone had a good time!  Honestly, it was pretty eye opening to us, as Joseph’s parents.  We are so used to “normal life” with Joseph, and what he’s capable/incapable of doing that we don’t even really remember that there are things he CAN’T do!  It’s just part of our lives.  It’s when we go somewhere like an amusement park we are reminded that some things just aren’t made for nonwalkers/limited arm movement.  At first we were sad, but then once we “got in the groove” and figured out what he COULD do, it was fun!  That kid is way too BRAVE!


After a good time with family and not enough time to do everything we wanted, we came home and got back down to business.  (We actually took our vacation at a good time.  Several people who are helping us with our adoption were out of their offices over the 4th of July holidays.)

We ran into a glitch and have had to hire an attorney to help us with Joseph’s birth certificate.  After a lot of trying to figure things out, and feeling like we were wasting time, we finally found an attorney that will help us get a certificate that is an official recognition of his adoption from the state of Texas.  It is an unexpected big chunk of extra money, but we feel we made the right decision.  Joseph’s birth city/state in Ukraine has been taken over by Russia, so if we were to ever lose his one original birth certificate that we were given at his adoption, we would be in trouble.  There would be no way to get a new one.  So, by getting this official recognition, we should be covered.  Plus, we will now have an official document to send to Vienna’s country.  (That’s what started this whole deal!!)  We will go before a judge in Dallas next week to petition for the certificate.  (We originally thought it would be this week, but that was changed.)

We are finished with our part of the home study and are waiting for the final draft.  (She is actually holding off in completing it so we can get Joseph’s birth certificate back first.)  I have started working on our dossier a little, but I can’t do much because everything is dated, and nothing can be more than a few months old when we send it to Vienna’s country.  I’m getting a little antsy.  :)

Thursday, Joseph and I head back to Philadelphia for a check up.  We are excited to show everyone all he has learned to do since April.  He can’t wait to ask the doctor if he can move his braces a few notches straighter, since his legs have stretched out more!!  I will try to remember to post his improvements when we come home.  From the numbers his therapist gave us last month, his leg contractures have lessened by quite a lot!!  (That’s a good thing!!)

As always, we really appreciate your prayers.  We are encouraged in many ways.  God is faithful.  He has faithfully reminded us almost daily WHY we have decided to adopt again.  Even when things aren’t easy it’s worth it.

He brings people into our lives out of the blue. (We’ve had random conversations with other adopting parents…like Darrel’s dentist who we saw at Hamburger Depot one day.)

He reminds us to read His Word and be encouraged by His promises.  He reminds us to keep our focus on HIM and the ETERNAL.

He encourages us with books and movies.

(If you have not seen the movie “The Drop Box” I totally recommend watching it.)

We are encouraged because Vienna is our daughter.  God loves her.  We love her.  It is the right thing to do.  We WANT to adopt her and we know God wants us to.

Oh, and guess what!  I’ve now been married to this man for half of my life.  Hard to believe!


Swimming, Graduating, Bikes and Mustaches

5 Jun

So much has happened in the past couple weeks!

Where to begin!  There have been many challenges and many exciting things happen.

Since coming home from Philadelphia in April Joseph’s been getting some heavy duty therapy.  His favorite therapy days are swim days!  He’s getting brave…and wild!   One month of stretching and therapy has decreased Joseph’s leg contractures by about 10 degrees! (That’s a good thing!  His legs are not as bent as they were after his last sugery!)  His hips are more flexible too!  He is seeing results and that inspires him to  work hard.  One of his favorite things to say in therapy is, “I’ve got this!”  (A close second favorite saying is, “Be careful of the little fellows!” -talking about his feet/toes which are still suffering from messed up nerves. Today he said, “Be careful Horse-Feathers.”  Silly kid likes to entertain!)


Abbie graduated from High School last Friday night.  My mom and two of my sisters were able to come and stay for a week! It was so much fun having them here.  My sisters enjoyed their first “Rodeo Graduation” with all the hollering and noise you’d expect in a rodeo arena.  (My mom knew what to expect, she and my dad were at Andrew’s graduation two years ago!)



Meredith graduated from Jr. High and turned another year older last week.  It was a happy/sad graduation.  She went to a charter school here in our town and her small class all became very close.  Meredith and her friends will be going to different high schools next year.  I’m so thankful for the positive three years Meredith had at Vista.



On the last day of school Joseph had a big surprise!  A group called Longview Ambucs gave Joseph a new bike that has hand pedals!  He has been on it every day, several times a day, since then.  Today after therapy we went to a park that has a walking trail.  He rode his bike for over a mile!  SAM_0557

(Joseph with the couple who delivered his bike to our house!)

Also, Joseph was promoted to 4th grade.


They grow up so quickly!  ;)


Yesterday we all went to another town and everyone except Joseph was fingerprinted for our homestudy. I love being able to check things off of our list!!  Next week we all go to the doctor’s for physicals. Then the week after that our social worker will come to our house for the house inspection and personal interviews.  It is awesome to see how God is providing as we need to pay for things!  I am so thankful.


I have often heard from those adopting that things start to break and other “trials” come up when they commit to adopt.  We experienced that when we adopted Joseph, and we are experiencing it this time, too.  We are trusting God and know that just because something is hard doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it!  We appreciate your prayers.  –On the positive side, we will be getting a new air conditioner next week, our van has a new something-or-other, Ellie will soon be wisdom toothless, and Darrel will have 2 fixed (or pulled!) teeth…and God is good no matter what!  I am resting in that truth!!!

Back to School Three Weeks Before School’s Out

12 May

There was a time when I made this crazy statement:

I’d NEVER homeschool Joseph!

Guess what we’ve been doing for more than half of this school year!  :)  YEP.  Doing school from home/the hospital/Ronald McDonald House.  And, it’s not been too bad.

Last June Joseph had an evaluation done at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.  It was actually a “second opinion” after we had been told several times that there was nothing that we could do to straighten Joseph’s legs…and FOR SURE walking was out of the question.  We were told that he was fairly independent and mobile in the position he was in, so we should just wait and see if his scoliosis worsened then we could look into getting him a back brace or surgery.  That just didn’t seem good enough.  Darrel and I were just not ready to say, “Ok, let’s just do nothing.”  Joseph wasn’t either.

Before we went to Philadelphia we were told by several parents, and saw on many blogs, that there was a doctor that could do amazing things for kids with Arthrogryposis.   In June we met him and his team.  When he saw Joseph he was a little taken back.  Later on down the road I overheard this doctor tell another medical person that Joseph had the most extreme combined contractures in all of his lower joints that he has ever seen!  (Not particularly something any parent would want to hear!)  That was the first time he saw Joseph.

The last time he saw Joseph, after months of casting his legs, and several surgeries (some little ones and one big one) he told us, “When I first met Joseph I didn’t know where to start!  Now when I look at him I know what needs to be done next!”  (This IS something that any parent would want to hear!)

All that to say, Joseph and I have done a LOT of school work together this year.  We were in Philadelphia almost as much as we were home.  I watched him memorize the multiplication facts 1 – 12.  –He’s a rock star!  Seriously, he’s GOOD.  We did a BUNCH of reading.  We did a few more “projects” than either of us would have preferred.  And we both learned a little more patience.  I think.

I’ve learned that sometimes those things that I just really think I can’t do…or don’t want to do…are actually not so impossible after all.  God can even make them enjoyable, if we let Him.  Joseph’s verse he would repeat over and over when he was getting his legs stretched and recasted  was:

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

Joseph strong man

As we start to wade through adoption paperwork for Vienna I am reminded of this verse quite often.  Seriously, when I had to find the ADDRESSES and DATES for everywhere Darrel and I have lived since we were eighteen years old I was crying out to the Lord.  Even those little “summer stays” between all of our training for missions.  CrAzY!!!   Darrel has moved 24 times and I have moved 20!!!  But, it is SOOO worth the work and I would do it all day if I had to, to get Vienna home!  (Oh wait, I DID do it all day!)  :)

I am thankful that God “lets” us do things we don’t think we want to do.  Like homeschooling.  I am also thankful that Joseph was able to go back to school this week, three weeks before the end of the school year to be with his friends and teachers before summer break.  :)

*Disclaimer:  During our time at Shriners Joseph had a tutor who helped us 2 hours each week and while we’ve been home but not able to go to school he has had a tutor who comes 4 hours a week…so I was getting some direction!  I am thankful that our school worked so nicely with us by giving me the work we needed to do!!

We Are Adopting Again!!!

7 May


We’re super excited that we have been approved to

begin the process of adopting “Vienna”!

Please be in prayer as we do all of the necessary

paperwork and begin raising money to bring her home as quickly as possible!!

I am hoping to have the chance to give you more details soon.

I debated whether to wait to share her picture when I have more time, but I just couldn’t go to bed until I posted her picture!!

Isn’t she just adorable?

We Are Here! We Are Here!

5 May

Remember this picture?

(No, probably not because I didn’t either until I got on here!)

 It’s the last picture I posted before I took an unintentional “little” break from posting on this blog almost 2 years ago.

Joseph was so little and compact with his feet permanently wrapped around him.

A cuddly little ball of wiggly boy.

And lastly, SCHOOL!  Joseph and I have been doing school each weekday since about March.  He is starting to READ and is really good at Math.  Ok, honestly, he USUALLY does school at the table, but last Thursday we were having a big tree cut down in our yard, so he did school work and watched the guys work.

A lot has happened in almost two years.

 THIS is just one of the exciting things that Joseph has been working hard to do!

First pair of shoes See those legs?!!  Notice what position they’re in?!

See those awesome SHOES?  (Joseph’s first pair of shoes ever!!)

After about 4 months of serial castings, 1st surgery

(getting his casts changed two times a week for months, each time stretching his muscles!)

and 8 different tendon releases,

and really painful “bilateral femoral osteotomy” surgery on both legs,

and a CRAAZY cast for 6 more weeks

cow casts

plus weeks and weeks away from home,

I am happy to say, Joseph is on his way to having straighter legs

and like he told his new physical therapist today,

 his goal is to one day WALK!

Not only has Joseph been changing physically,

but he is changing and growing in every other way possible!

What a journey the past 2 1/2 years have been.

 What a privilege it is to see God heal the heart and body of our son.


3 Aug

Joseph has been home for almost 6 months now!  Half a YEAR!

In some ways it seems like it’s gone fast, but when I think back to the first month or two after we were home, it seems like almost a lifetime ago.   So many changes for Joseph, his brother and sisters and for us as parents.  To be honest, I do not think we were as prepared as we THOUGHT we were to bring home our “bouncing ‘baby’ boy”!!  We have been on a wild ride that seems to be slowing down a little each week.  Joseph has learned so much since he’s been home.  He is picking up English incredibly fast.  Each day he comes up with some word that I KNOW he didn’t know the day before…actually, probably LOTS of words each day.  He is learning that he can do things that he didn’t think he could do.   He is learning to trust his Pappa and Momma.  He loves to snuggle with his sisters and tease his big brother.

I believe that Joseph has found his cozy little spot in our family.

This summer has been filled with “firsts”.

New foods like CORN ON THE COB and WATERMELON!

New foods like CORN ON THE COB and WATERMELON!

Lots of walks around the neighborhood.

Lots of walks around the neighborhood.



First haircut at home.  (This picture was taken after a few "swipes"!)

First haircut at home. (This picture was taken after a few “swipes”!)  He was so nervous he was shaking!  I never realized how much trust it takes to let someone cut your hair!

Having his very own money for the first time ever!

Having his very own money for the first time ever!

AND buying his favorite candy with his own money!

AND buying his favorite candy with his own money!

Many trips to the ZOO!

Many trips to the ZOO!

Playing in his pool for the first time!

Playing in his pool for the first time!

Visiting a museum about South East Texas.

Visiting a museum about South East Texas.

Joseph's longest car ride ever.  Just ask him, it took TWENTY HOURS!  --On our way to Indiana!

Joseph’s longest car ride ever. Just ask him, it took TWENTY HOURS! –On our way to Indiana!

Joseph met and played with ALL of his Indiana cousins while we were there.  He remembered everyone's names right off.

Joseph met and played with ALL of his “Holland” cousins while we were there. He remembered everyone’s names right off.

Graduated to a BIG pool.   Joseph had lots of fun at Uncle Wil's pool.  (Notice all his flotation devices!  I didn't make him, that's how he felt safe!)  He was BRAVE getting in for the first time ever!

Graduated to a BIG pool. Joseph had lots of fun at Uncle Wil’s pool. (Notice all his flotation devices! I didn’t make him, that’s how he felt safe!) He was BRAVE getting in for the first time ever!

Watching 4th of July FiReWoRkS!!

Watching 4th of July FiReWoRkS!!

He waved his flag off and on all day!  At one point he was singing "Joseph, you are American!" to the tune of America!  :)

He waved his flag off and on all day! At one point he was singing “Joseph, you are American!” to the tune of America! :)

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY JOSEPH (and happy graduation to Andrew!) PARTY!!

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY JOSEPH (and happy graduation to Andrew!) PARTY!!

Joseph's special "welcome home" cake!  (He really wanted candles!)

Joseph’s special “welcome home” cake! (He really wanted candles!)  I just love his smile in this picture!  It took 8 years, but he finally got those candles!!!

Riding his new, perfect for him, plasma car.  (Or "bike" as he calls it.)  And being able to get WET...just for fun!!

Riding his new, perfect for him, plasma car. (Or “bike” as he calls it.) And being able to get WET…just for fun!!  (“Just for fun” is one of the new phrases he likes to say lately. — I like that phrase too, unless it’s the answer to, “WHY did you DO that?!!!!!” 

And lastly, SCHOOL!  Joseph and I have been doing school each weekday since about March.  He is starting to READ and is really good at Math.  Ok, honestly, he USUALLY does school at the table, but last Thursday we were having a big tree cut down in our yard, so he did school work and watched the guys work.

And then there’s SCHOOL!   Joseph and I have been doing school each weekday since about March. He is starting to READ and is really good at Math. Ok, honestly, he USUALLY does school at the table, but last Thursday we were having a big tree cut down in our yard, so he did school work while he watched the guys work.

Another BIG first that I didn’t get any pictures of was the DENTAL WORK that Joseph has had done!   It took many dentist and doctor visits before he was ok-ed for oral surgery.  (And almost just as many screaming fits.)  To make a long story short, he finally had surgery and all of his teeth fixed!  YAY!  He’s sporting some crowns and extra holes that will soon be seeing permanent teeth!   No more tooth pain!  Double YAY!!

Thanks so much for following along with us.   Joseph is a FUN and FUNNY kid.  I’m thankful that he is a part of our family!

Some upcoming things:  In the next few weeks, Joseph will be assessed to see where he fits into elementary school and will most likely begin going to the public school at the end of August.

August 15th we go to Shriners in Houston for Joseph to be fitted for a wheelchair.  He is super excited to be getting a chair he can “run” in.  :)

In the near-ish future we will be contacting the doctor at Shriners in Philadelphia to see what he says about Joseph’s Hall’s Contractures.  (New name for Arthrogryposis!  :) )   If the doctor is willing to see Joseph we may be making a trip there.   When we took Joseph to Houston, back in March, he was very traumatized and uncooperative so they were unable to get a good diagnosis/look at him.  At that time we were told there was nothing that can be done for his arms or legs.  (We are stretching his wrists at home.)  We would like to get a second opinion– for sure.   We are waiting until we feel that Joseph is ready for a long day of being “messed with” before we try that experience again!  Joseph HAS been telling us that he wants to walk, now, so we would really like to see if that is even a possibility.  (Until we were in Indiana and Joseph was around a lot of cousins, he had never mentioned walking.)  Now that he talks about it a lot and has bonded more with us, we feel the time is approaching.

Many more new “firsts” to come!

We appreciate your prayers!!


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