Adoption Update

31 Dec

My plan for this post is to give a brief update on what is going on with our adoption of Igor.

Because the adoption is not finalized we are not allowed to share very many details online.  If anyone would like to call, or e-mail, I would love to chat with you.  :)   I CAN share SOME about what has been going on!

First of all,  NO the things that are going on in the news about Rus*ia stopping all adoptions is NOT effecting our adoption.  Igor lives in a different country!  We have had lots of concerned people asking about that!!

We were in Igor’s country from December 1 through December 21.

Our three flights went ok.  Darrel was so extremely cramped on one flight that he could not move his legs at ALL,  but he survived.   We had to change our itinerary at one airport because of a delay, and we were told that our luggage would not be at the airport when we got there.  I am happy to say that neither one of us threw a fit or even stressed out when we were told  that our luggage would be a few days late in arriving.  So, it felt like a gift from the Lord when we saw our luggage HAD made it on time!!  Thankfully, Darrel still looked for it, even though we were certain it wouldn’t be there!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA view of Switzerland from our plane

We arrived in the capital city and had an appointment the next day.  At the appointment we were given Igor’s file and the file of a second child.    We were approved to adopt two children, so at this first appointment we were given what is called a “blind referral” for the second child!!   The child is a boy around seven years old who lives in the same orphanage with Igor. We had never seen his file before but his special needs matched up with  what we have agreed to accept, and what we have been approved for.   At this first meeting we were shown some pictures of both boys when they were younger…oh, such cuties!!!   We accepted both files and the fun really started!!capital city

After only being in the country for 2 days we were put on an overnight train to go to the city the boys’ orphanage is in. We didn’t get much sleep, but we did have a chance to “talk names” and try to figure out what we would like to name both boys.   We have been in uncomfortable spots at different times in life, but the train tops all the other times!!   (Ok, maybe it was not the WORST!  Being stranded on a Mexican highway at night with 3 little kids was pretty uncomfortable…but that’s another story!!)   We could not READ or SPEAK one word of the language!  We kept looking at each other and I would say, “This is so bizarre!”  We made it off the train in the morning, thanks to our facilitator knocking on the window of the train motioning for us to get off!  :)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our first visit to the orphanage was pretty stressful, and surreal.  We met the boys after talking with the orphanage director, social worker and a few other people.  The second Igor turned around I definitely recognized that sweet face!  During the first visit we didn’t really talk to the boys, but Igor kept looking at us as the *adults in the room talked.  (*When I say adults that does NOT include Darrel or me!  :))

We were impressed by the condition the boys are in.  They both seem to be healthy little boys.  :)  What a HUGE answer to prayer.  They go to school, are allowed to play, have physical contact with others and are fed.  That is more than we expected!   We are thankful that the Lord allowed the boys to be placed in this particular orphanage for older children with special needs.  Many, many other children in their country are in such worse places.   We were also concerned that Igor may not be able to use his hands due to Arthrogryposis but right away we noticed that he IS able to use his hands!  (His right one more easily than his left.)   YAY!!!

BUT, the best part!!!

One day as we were struggling through communicating with the boys a young missionary lady walked up and (in ENGLISH) asked if she could help us!!  She spent the afternoon translating for us.  What a HUGE blessing.  Up to that point we had not had anyone tell us all of the cute little things that the boys were saying, or to tell them  the things we wanted to say!

She is a believer and spoke often of the Lord.  She told us that she has been coming to this orphanage and

SHARING THE LORD with the children!!!!!

This is the most important thing we have been praying about for 3 years!!!

Our time was mostly spent visiting the boys who, by the way, LOVE electronics!  Good thing we had two tablets for them to play with!!  Also, many hours were spent running around in taxis doing paperwork and just plain surviving!   Our main apartment was located right downtown and we were able to walk to buy groceries, so it was pretty nice!  Our first apartment in the city was on the sixth floor and our second apartment was on the fourth floor.  We felt like we were training for mountain climbing!  The stairwells are cooold, dark, smelly places!  You get up or down as quickly as possible!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur stairwell!  :) Yes, it warrants a picture! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADarrel outside of our apartment.  It got dark around 3:30 pm!

Because of certain issues that arose, we were unable to get started on the adoption as soon as is “normal”…if there IS a “normal”!!  When we were finally able to submit our request to adopt and go to court it was too close to the holidays and our judge could not hear our case until January.

On December 21st we came back home to wait until court.  It was so good to see our kiddos here at home after three weeks!  AND, in time for Christmas!   Thanks to my parents who stayed with our kids the whole time, we came home to a nice clean, decorated house!  :)  Lovely!  My bed felt wonderful…even during the HOURS of not being able to sleep the first few nights!

We will be flying back on January 14th.   Court is set for January 17, 2013.  After court we have a ten day waiting period.  During that time we will visit the boys and wait.  After the ten day wait we begin running around, again.  First we will go to both boys’ cities of birth–neither being close to where they live now.  Most likely that will include train rides and maybe an overnight stay.  Then we will do some more running around getting necessary things completed.  Then, GOTCHA DAY!!  After we get the boys we will travel by train back to the capital city and get their visas, passports and medicals.

This second trip is expected to take another three weeks.  Our journey is taking longer than we expected, but I guess not any longer than the Lord has been preparing us for!  He has faithfully been teaching us to depend on Him and to be more patient!  His timing is perfect, and I need to keep remembering that!!

*Please be praying with us concerning the actual adoption.  There are some “particulars” that we cannot share.

*Please pray that the boys hearts would be prepared and that God would give them peace.

THANK YOU for your prayers and all of the money that has been donated for this to happen!!  God has blessed us so much.

4 Responses to “Adoption Update”

  1. sjk27 January 2, 2013 at 11:03 pm #

    Come on I want details, why haven’t you called. ha ha

    • mandy January 3, 2013 at 12:40 am #

      Good one, “sjk27”!

  2. Cathy Hedrich January 16, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    Happy to read your update and know that by the time this reply is posted, you will be getting ready for court. May God bless you and the boys and praying that the post court “running around” will go smoothly!

  3. Kathleen B January 17, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    Praying that all is well for you on this trip and that court went well.

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