27 Jan


Here is what has been going on with us!
Our blog is not cooperating, so I am attempting to update a different way than I’ve tried before, so please be patient!:)

January 14 – left Texas

January 15 – arrived in Igor’s city after over 30 hours of travel

January 16 – had boys with us most of the day

January 17 – went to court. Complications. Rescheduled court for following Monday. The boys spent the rest of the day with us.

January 18 – picked up Igor after lunch and tried to pick up our other little one, but he would not come with us.

January 18-21 Igor stayed 24 hrs. a day with us until court.

January 21 – ADOPTED IGOR!!!!!! Stressful, emotion filled time
At court we were finally able to adopt Igor!!!!!! We will not give lots of details until he is home safe and sound with us. No way do we want anything jeopardized!! We were not allowed to adopt the other little boy we were hoping to adopt. I will tell you about it when we get home. We are very sad for his future. We have to trust that The Lord knows best.

Jan 21 – now. We are waiting for the 10 day wait to be over. (This ten day wait is mandated by court, and is a normal occurrence for all civil cases not just adoptions.) The wait ends on a Friday so we have been told that we will probably have to actually wait until the next Monday, Feb. 4th to begin doing paperwork to bring Igor home. We will do paperwork and other necessary things here in the city his orphanage is in, in his birth town, and also the capital of the country. All of that can take around ten days. SO, we should be home sometime around Feb. 15…if everything goes smoothly. Like I have said before, God has been preparing us to rely on Him and be patient. So, we will wait and see how it goes.

We are so thankful that God has allowed us to adopt Igor. We are also thankful that the orphanage has allowed us to keep him with us before the adoption, and during the wait. I am pretty sure this does not happen often. We are thankful that we are getting to know this sweet little boy now while we wait to go home. There is much to be thankful for!

I am looking forward to blogging openly about what we are experiencing here once we are home. Until then, thank you for your prayers. Our hope and trust is in God. Please pray that we would continue to depend on Him and not on ourselves.

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3 Responses to “ORPHAN NO MORE!!!”

  1. Kathleen B January 27, 2013 at 8:00 pm #

    Congratulations! I am so excited that you have Igor! I have prayed for this news for years. I am sorry about the other little one, though. Thank you for sharing updates as much as is safe.

  2. Cathy Hedrich February 15, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    Sorry that both boys could not come home but SOOOO happy that Igor finally has his family. When you are able, please let us know what happened if it is not too intrusive. God is so good and and I thank him for getting you home safely!

  3. Kathleen B February 21, 2013 at 4:48 pm #

    Hi. I can’t imagine I’m the only Igor fan hoping for an update when you have a chance. Hope all is well and he’s settling in. Your family is in my prayers daily.

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